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Third Night Of Protests In Wake Of Brooklyn Police Shooting Result In Handful Of Arrests

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A relative of a 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed by police last weekend in Brooklyn was arrested at a protest Wednesday evening.

Several others were also arrested, as a third night of protesting was held in the wake of the shooting that resulted in the death of Kimani Gray.

About 100 people attended the vigil in East Flatbush, many of them holding lit candles and some of them shouting, but the protest seemed calm overall, 1010 WINS' Holli Haerr reported.

Another Night Of Protests Over Deadly Police Shooting In Brooklyn

But then, at around 9:45 p.m., a group of protesters apparently broke away from the marchers and began confronting police officers. Police in turn confronted the group at Church Avenue and East 48th Street, and as many as five people were led away in handcuffs, Haerr reported.

It was not clear whether they were under arrest, Haerr reported.

During the protest, one resident of the area called police officers the real gang members, "looking at us, profiling us, harassing us."

The group was protesting the killing of Gray, who was shot by officers last Saturday after they said he pointed a gun at them. Many protesters believe officers planted a gun on Gray.

Gray's mother was expected to speak at the vigil Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, the New York City Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Wednesday that Gray had seven bullet wounds, including three in the back, 1010 WINS reported.

Wednesday was the third straight day of protests in response to Gray's death. On Monday, some protesters turned to vandalism and violence. Bottles and fruit were thrown, bus windows were broken and a Rite Aid drug store was ransacked.

Speaking about the events of Monday night, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that on the way to the 67th Precinct, some people stole fruit from local markets and threw it and then the disorderly group disrupted a Rite Aid drug store on Church Avenue.

A customer, the Rev. Mark King, picked the wrong time to be inside the Rite Aid, as the crowd poured in, trashed the aisles, and then turned their attention to King, pummeling him on the ground.

That 51-year-old victim's cell phone was taken during the wild incident, which was captured on surveillance video and released by the NYPD on Tuesday afternoon.

At the Church Farm Market, people threw produce, trashed two registers, stole money and threw a bottle at the cashier. Over at U Farm Land, more produce was thrown and $1,000 from the register and flowers were taken.

Police officers fatally shot Gray, a reported gang member, on Saturday, CBS 2's Alice Gainer reported. Police said Gray pulled a gun on officers, but his family disputes that claim.

Plainclothes officers from the Brooklyn South Anti-Crime Patrol were walking East Flatbush on Saturday night when they came upon a group of young men standing in front of a home on East 52nd Street, according to police.

When the officers approached and started to talk to the group around 11:30 p.m., Gray began acting suspiciously and ran from the officers, police said.

Police said at one point, Gray grabbed for something in his waistband, 1010 WINS' Glenn Schuck reported Sunday. Gray pulled out a gun and turned at the officers, according to police.

When the plainclothes officers saw the gun, they both fired. Gray was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital a short time later, police said.

The commissioner said two eyewitnesses heard the police yell to the suspect to "freeze" and "don't move."

A loaded gun was recovered at the scene, police said.

Another vigil was planned for Saturday, which would mark a week since Gray was killed.

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