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Prosecutors: Gilgo Beach suspect Rex Heuermann's cheek swab matches DNA found on pizza box

Prosecutors: Gilgo Beach suspect Rex Heuermann's cheek swab matches DNA found on pizza box
Prosecutors: Gilgo Beach suspect Rex Heuermann's cheek swab matches DNA found on pizza box 02:14

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. -- New analysis revealed in court Wednesday appears to link the accused Gilgo Beach serial killings suspect to one of the victims in the case.

Rex Heuermann's cheek swab was the subject of a court appearance.

The 60-year-old walked in with his wrists cuffed behind him, showing a new haircut and speaking for the first time. He told the judge he spends several hours a day in jail reviewing evidence.

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Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney claims that DNA on the pizza box that the alleged serial killer discarded matches Heuermann's cheek swab, and thus links him to a hair from one of the victims.

"The buccal swab of the defendant matches the DNA profile from that of the abandonment sample from the pizza box," Tierney said.

Defense attorney Michael Brown said he wants to see the proof.

"That's assuming a lot of different things, right? Because DNA can be transferred," Brown said.

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Brown said he's still waiting for thousands of pages of discovery, including video of the house, guns, a storage unit, the seized vehicle, and grand jury testimony, "which says there's a pizza crust and they talked about burner phones and talked about 'pinging' in New York City."

More than a decade after the remains of 10 victims were found off Ocean Parkway near Gilgo Beach, Heuermann has been charged with murder in three cases and is a prime suspect in a fourth.

"We're working on the fourth Gilgo victim and now we have expanded our investigation to include other bodies that were recovered in that area," Tierney said.

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When asked about Heuermann's mood and demeanor, Brown said, "Well, he's somebody who has from the beginning has said he's not guilty. I made it a point to tell him, 'Just get through this, Rex. Get to the point where we can go trial, and don't show emotion.' He's a fella who was working, has never been arrested, has a wife and children."

Heuermann's wife has since filed for divorce.

He is also asking the court to allow his 280 seized firearms be sold to benefit his financially struggling family.

Heuermann is due back in court on Nov. 15.

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