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5 Fast Facts About Prince

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Pop music superstar Prince died at his home in suburban Minneapolis on April 21. He was 57.

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Here are some things you may not have known about the legendary singer/songwriter:

Prince Got His Name From His Father.

Prince's full name is actually Prince Rogers Nelson -- he's named after his father, John Lewis Nelson, whose stage name was Prince Rogers. Prince's father performed as a jazz musician in the popular group Prince Rogers Trio. Prince dedicated the song "A Case of U," from his album "One Nite Alone" to his father upon his death in 2001 at age 85.

"I named my son Prince because I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do," Nelson said in a 1991 interview.

Prince In 2007
Recording star Prince performs during a press conference 01 February 2007 at the Super Bowl media center on Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo credit ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

What's In A Name? 

Prince was known to take on a variety of different personas -- an act that defined him as a performer and funk icon. When writing songs for other artists, Prince took on several pseudonyms throughout his career, including "Jamie Starr and the Starr Company," and "Paisley Park," for which his 1985 record label was named.

Oscars, Grammys and...a Razzie?

Prince won an Oscar for "Best Musical Score" for the hit film "Purple Rain," in 1985. The hit 1984 film was accompanied by an album of the same name -- which took home a Grammy for best musical score. The "Purple Rain" film was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

"Purple Rain" became one of the most notable achievements of Prince's career -- even coining some laughable moments. The track "Sex Shooter" actually won a Razzie for "Worst Original Song" in 1985.

"Purple Rain" is repeatedly referred to as one of the greatest albums of all time, with Time magazine ranking it as the 15th best album of all time in 1993.

"Purple Rain" was Prince's 6th studio album. His 38th and 39th studio album, "HITnRUN" Phases I and II, were released in 2015.

More Than Just A Singer.

Prince was known to have been a more dynamic artist, mastering singing, acting, songwriting and instrumentals. Prince wrote his first song, titled  "Funk Machine," on his father's piano when he was only seven years old.  The artist was also known to have played synthesizer, harmonica and several types of percussion instruments.

Even the way he manipulated his vocals were an act of artistry -- the singer had a wide, agile range, shifting from full, deep baritones to high, lofty falsettos with fluidity and ease.

Celebrity Love Connections.

Prince was known for his sexually-charged performances onstage -- but the artist was also connected to several celebrity love affairs with stars like Madonna and Carmen Electra. Prince was married twice -- more recently to Manuela Testolini Nelson (they divorced in 2007) and earlier to Mayte Garcia (divorced in 2000.)

Prince had one child, named "Boy Gregory," but he died shortly after birth.

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