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CBS2 Exclusive: Heartless Thieves Steal Breast Pump Meant For Premature Twins

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A Manhattan couple with newborn premature twins is angry after thieves swiped two packages from their apartment building, one that included a breast pump.

Security cameras from the building on West 46th Street in Hell's Kitchen show two men strolling into the lobby Saturday night. They then turn around, snatch the packages above the mailboxes and walk out, CBS2's Matt Kozar reported.

"They're stealing from two preemie babies, which is just like the lowest of the low," said victim Alison Foley.

Foley said she was counting on the packages. A breast pump, which can cost up to $400, was needed to feed her twins who were born two months early. Deirdre and Declan weigh less than 3 pounds each and remain in the hospital.

"Who has the moral fiber to really literally take milk out of the mouths of babes?" said victim Patrick Foley. "This is a breast pump that they need to survive."

Deirdre and Declan Foley were born two months premature. (Credit: CBS2)

The other package contained gifts for the babies.

Patrick Foley filed a police report, and the NYPD confirms it's investigating.

The Foleys say other people in their building have been targeted, too.

"Some tenants will post the tracking delivery receipt on the wall and say, 'Where are these packages? I know it was delivered,'" Patrick Foley said.

The building manager said just a few weeks ago a UPS deliveryman was robbed when he was parked out front. The thieves stole the packages out of the back of the truck when he wasn't looking.

People who live in the neigborhood say Hell's Kitchen is safer than what it once was and are shocked and angered by the crime.

"It's just kind of sick to think of somebody doing something like that," said resident Jalen Dorsy.

"It's just disgusting that they would do that to people," Alison Foley said. "Don't want it to happen to anybody else."

As they focus on their new family, the Foleys say they'll keep a watchful eye on every package delivered to their building.

They have since bought a new breast pump.

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