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New York City To Spend $242 Million On Massive Road Resurfacing Project

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Potholes. They're everywhere. They're horrible.

Drivers' complaints have been long and loud, and after CBS2 demanded answers, it got action.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is ordering a massive road resurfacing program, Marcia Kramer reported on Wednesday.

Sometimes it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, and in this case it's nearly $250 million dollars' worth.

CBS2 was the so-called squeaky wheel on behalf of angry New York drivers. And so, after demanding answers week after week, month after month this winter about why the roads are so bad, residents and commuters are hopefully on the highway to driver heaven.

"It's going to be a big victory for the motorists of New York City," Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said. "Actually, I'll give this mayor credit. This is going to be some of the most miles of resurfacing the city has done in many years."

CBS2 has learned that the mayor has decided to add a hefty $242 million for road resurfacing to the capital budget, which is funded through borrowing.

What this means to you, the driver, is:

* 1,200 lane miles will be resurfaced starting July 1

* An additional 1,300 lane miles will be resurfaced starting on July 1, 2016

That should make a substantial difference in the quality of your ride throughout the five boroughs.

"The roadways we're particularly going to focus on are big, important roadways in the city that people drive on a lot," Trottenberg said. "It's going to have a big impact."

Trottenberg told Kramer that major roads in all five boroughs will get fixed, including Westchester Avenue in the Bronx, Lenox Avenue in Harlem, Kings Highway in Brooklyn, Hillside Avenue in Queens and Clove Road on Staten Island.

The percentage of streets rated in a "state of good repair" will increase from 71.3 percent to nearly 80 percent over the next two years, Kramer reported.

CBS2 got a nod for getting the mayor to hike the budget.

"Channel 2 has also certainly let us know that they're interested in potholes," Trottenberg said.

When told the mayor has decided to spend more money to fix the streets, New Yorkers had a clear response: It's about time.

"I think it's an excellent idea and the sooner the better. I applaud him for that," one driver said.

"Ha ha ha, (the city) better spend a lot of money. This van has a fallen into so many potholes, I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart," another driver added.

"Please, please, two of my rims are ruined. I have to pay over $500 to fix, so, please, that would be nice," Juan Diaz added.

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