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Observant Postal Worker Saves Elderly Woman's Life After Fall

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- An elderly woman was clinging to life, alone in her home, and almost didn't make it.

Her very observant mail woman noticed things seemed off, and stepped in.

Lisa and Marie are an unexpected pair of recent best friends, with a bond that runs deeper than most.

"I enjoy every minute talking to her, hearing stories, she's just a blessing to me," Lisa Sweeney said.

Sweeney, a U.S. Postal Service worker, is even more than that to 87-year-old Marie Boyer.

"If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't be here talking to you," Boyer said.

Sweeney saved Boyer's life two months ago, as she lay helpless in her home for four days, she was dehydrated, and in and out of consciousness -- unable to get up after a fall.

"There were no windows open and I kept calling out, telling someone to call 911, but nobody could hear me," Boyer said. "I remember thinking to myself, I didn't wanna die that way."

Sweeney has been delivering mail on the route for thirteen years and know her customers habits so well, she immediately noticed when Boyer's garbage and mail were piling up.

She knew something was wrong.

"I decided I should call 911. I mean, I didn't know, but my heart told me she was inside," Sweeney said.

The FDNY and NYPD broke into the home and pulled the woman to safety.

"They came out and told me she was alive. I started crying," Sweeney said.

"She opened her eyes and she said, I know because my mail was there," Boyer said.

An instant connection and lasting friendship. Boyer had something to say to Sweeney.

"To thank her for being in my life," Boyer said.

The two get together twice a week at the assisted living home where Boyer now lives. They even celebrated her 87th birthday together a few days ago at the Applebee's across the street.

Boyer will also be spending Thanksgiving with Sweeney and her family.



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