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Postal Service Stops Delivering To Bronx Building Due To Leaky Pipe!

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Their mailboxes are right in the lobby. So why did Bronx residents spend the last week traveling almost a mile to get their mail?

The only thing you'll find in the mailboxes is dust and rust, since the Postal Service stopped delivering to 950 Union Ave., last week.

They say no more mail, because they get wet!

A persistent leaky pipe above the mailboxes got so bad mail carriers complained it was a danger and refused to serve the building.

The problem has obviously been developing over many years. The mailbox divider is completely rusted out. That didn't happen overnight.

"Who do I blame? Housing! Housing!" resident Rosa Mulero told CBS 2's Tony Aiello.

"They should have got off their butts a long time ago. They knew that's what's going on," resident Sharon Tucker added.

Residents say the City Housing Authority dragged its feet fixing the pipe and they paid a price.

"We gotta take the bus. We gotta pay the fare. They don't pay the fare for us," Mulero said, adding when reminded she has to pay money "to go and pick up my own mail!"

Aiello checked on his GPS. The residents have to travel nearly a mile to get to the Boulevard Station Post Office, where they then crowd the lobby and wait.

"It's been an hour today. Yesterday it was close to two hours just to get the mail," resident Nelson Vazquez said.

The Housing Authority claims the situation will be fixed in a day or two, but residents said they will believe it when they see it. A housing official told them the old boxes would be removed last week.

"Friday! It's Tuesday and the mailboxes are still in the lobby," Vazquez said.

So, it seems nothing stops the Postal Service -- except the NYC Housing Authority.

On Wednesday night the Housing Authority said it has finished repairs, and mail delivery will resume as soon as the Postal Service inspects and approves.

Do you believe this? What do you think? Tell us below ...

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