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Two people attacked by possibly rabid coyote in North Salem

Wild coyote attacks 2 women in Westchester
Wild coyote attacks 2 women in Westchester 00:48

NORTH SALEM, N.Y. -- There's a warning in Westchester County about a possible rabid coyote. 

Police said two women were attacked Thursday near a wooded area on Turkey Hill Road in North Salem. One woman was bitten several times and had to get rabies shots. The other woman was not seriously hurt.

"The coyote grabbed one by the arm -- he didn't really do any damage there -- but then he went after the other lady and shredded her pants and got her leg pretty good," North Salem deputy supervisor Peter Kamenstien said.

Police believe the coyote may have rabies because the animal reportedly attacked the tires of a car when someone stopped to help. Attacking inanimate objects is a sign of rabies. 

After the attack, police searched but couldn't find the animal. 

Residents in the area are urged to be on the lookout. 

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