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Protesters Say Pornhub Promotes Sexual Violence Against Women

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Women's rights groups and anti-human trafficking advocates spoke out against the Pornhub pop-up shop in SoHo.

Demonstrators say the pornography website, which launched the store for a limited run late last month, promotes objectification, abuse, trafficking, violence and racial slurs degrading women.

"Pornhub sells sexual violence," protesters chanted as they walked into the store at 70 Wooster St.

The group included feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who said erotica is healthy but what has become mainstream porn is not.

"It normalizes violence and the degradation of women and girls," Steinem said. "Pornhub is a hub of violence, it is a hub of danger to women."

"Pornhub sells the idea of sexual abuse of children, Pornhub sells racist slurs and stereotypes," said Sonia Ossorio with the National Organization for Women who called on city leaders to stop other Pornhub pop-ups from opening in the future.

The store, which carries branded apparel and sex toys,  will remain open through Dec. 20.

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