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Popular New Adult Beverage The 'Phrostee' Is Now Under Investigation

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- There is a new adult beverage in town and it is called a Phrostee. Now, the drink is under investigation and it comes with a big 'buyer beware.'

As CBS 2's Emily Smith reported, there are a lot of options when it comes to alcohol; Kool-aid looking drinks and things that mimic slushies. Now, there is a new adult beverage called a 'Phrostee.'

With names like 'Volcanic Paradise, and 'Hereo' the drinks might sound refreshing, but they are unregulated and reportedly under investigation by New York State's Liquor Authority.

The drink has a private Instagram page with about 16,000 followers. That is where consumers can find instructions to text for the $10 drinks.

The page says that deliveries are made 24 hours a day and that you can only receive the beverage if the mystery company accepts you as a follower.

One Phrostee fan told CBS 2's Dave Carlin that the drinks seem to be made from fruit punch, energy drinks, and a powerful liquor.

"It tastes very strong," Kelvin Lopez said.

Senator Chuck Schumer said that he is concerned about kids and teens getting their hands on the drinks.

"They seem to be sold online without limitations for age. A 12-year-old could probably buy one and get it and enjoy it because it's filled with fruit punch and fruit juice," he said.

The State Liquor Authority is now investigating.

"The SLA is looking into the illegal sale of this unregistered and potentially dangerous alcoholic drink by an unlicensed business," a liquor authority spokesman said.

The Phrosties don't come with a list of ingredients, unlike products that you would buy in a store.

"What if you are on a diet and you are restricted. You wouldn't know calorie count or alcohol content. I wouldn't purchase it," one person told CBS 2's Smith.

Because no one knows who is behind the company you can't be sure who will show up at your door, leaving the buyer with serious potential consequences over a beverage that might look and sound like more fun than it is.

Fans said that even if the drinks do go away, something similar will pop up to replace them.

On Monday night, the Instagram page for the product had been taken down.

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