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Parents Of Murder Victim Leiby Kletzky Break Their Silence After Shiva

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The parents of the murder victim Leiby Kletzky broke their silence on Thursday night.  The heartbroken family spoke for the first time since beginning shiva, the traditional Jewish period of mourning.

"The ache in our hearts will remain forever," Nachman and Itta Kletzky wrote in a statement. "We are certain that Leiby is now looking down from heaven and blessing us all."

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Kletsky's parents ended their statement saying "If any tragedy is to ever befall any of you, G-d forbid, you should be blessed with a community and public as supportive as ours. We feel that through Leiby we've become family with you all."

On Thursday, more than a week after Kletzky was found murdered, police were still processing the crime scene and were expected to begin digging again in the suspect's backyard.

Earlier in the day, two more bags of evidence were brought from the home where Levi Aron has an attic apartment and on the eighth day of evidence collection crime scene investigators said they plan to probe further.

CBS 2's Tony Aiello has learned cops found items of children's clothing in Aron's apartment -- clothing that did not belong to 8-year-old Kletzky.

Criminal behavior expert Dr. Charles Heller said he finds that significant.

"That means he may have had other victims or he might have been using the clothing in the possibility of having victims. A grown man doesn't collect children's clothing," Dr. Heller said.

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The entire situation is making neighbors nervous and leaving them with many questions.

"I'm curious because the police and the crime units are still here, so I'm just wondering what they're looking for," Rakisha White said.

They are looking for additional evidence in the horrific death of the 8-year-old boy, whose remains were found in two different spots within the borough last week. They are also looking for evidence linking Aron to other possible crimes.

It's standard -- and smart -- police work according to Dr. Heller.

"I think there's a strong possibility that he has done something like this before. Usually someone doesn't start doing this when they are 35 years old. There are other incidents and it seems like he was a predator," he said.

Police said Aron has confessed to snatching Kletzky off the street on July 11, feeding him drugs, killing him the next day and then dismembering and disposing of the body.

Heller said police in other jurisdictions will also be interested in Aron.

"It's a mobile society. He also lived in Tennessee, and he had a vehicle. It's possible that he had victims in other places," Dr. Heller said.

Gerard Marrone, one of two lawyers representing Aron, has withdrawn from the case. Sources told Aiello he found the crimes Aron is accused of to be too horrific.

The maximum penalty for Aron, if convicted is life in prison without parole. What's your reaction to that? Sound off in our comments section below…

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