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NYPD shooting in Brooklyn after man with knife allegedly charged at officers. Here's what we know.

NYPD says officers shot and killed knife-wielding man in Brooklyn
NYPD says officers shot and killed knife-wielding man in Brooklyn 01:44

NEW YORK -- Police officers shot and killed a man who allegedly charged at them with a knife overnight in Brooklyn. 

It started when the 26-year-old man approached the uniformed officers who were in a marked NYPD car on Eldert Street, between Central and Evergreen avenues, in Bushwick, police said at a news conference Sunday morning. 

Officers tried to verbally deescalate the situation

Police said the officers, who had just finished responding to a domestic call at around 2:30 a.m., were sitting in their car when the man came up and tapped on their window. The officers saw the man holding two knives and got out of the vehicle to verbally deescalate the situation.

The man dropped one of the knives when the officers used their stun guns on him, according to officials.

"He was able to get up with a second knife, did not listen to the warnings to stop and charged at the officers," NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said.

Both officers fired their guns and shot the man, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital, officials said. 

"We try everything we can with emotionally disturbed people to deescalate, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way for us. Very tough night for these two officers and for the family of the [emotionally disturbed person]," Chell said. "There is no job in the New York City Police Department that's routine and cops have to be constantly aware of the dangers around them."

Neighbor Wilson Almonte said he heard, "like five shots and that's it. After that, I don't hear nothing else. I only hear the police coming back and forth. That's it."

Police towed away a woman's Honda minivan with the side windows blown out. She said she had heard the shots just a couple of hours before and came out to see officers investigating.

Entire incident captured on body camera video 

The officers' body cameras recorded the entire incident and the video will be used in the investigation, NYPD officials said at the news conference. Police did not immediately identify the man who was killed, and there was no word on when they'll release the police video.

Police also showed pictures of the two knives they said were recovered from the scene. 

No details were provided on the domestic call the officers were responding to before the shooting.

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