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Man dies after police-involved shooting at Plainsboro, N.J. condo complex

Man fatally shot by police in Plainsboro 01:46

PLAINSBORO, N.J. -- A man who was shot by a police officer in Middlesex County on Wednesday has died.

As CBS2's Nick Caloway reports, it appears to be an eviction notice gone wrong.

Neighbors were stunned to hear gunshots ring out in the middle of the day.

"I guess it was sometime before noon, I heard three shots in rapid succession, like military or police shooting," neighbor Herman WIllier said.

Those gunshots were heard throughout the Raven Crest at Princeton Meadows condo complex in Plainsboro.

Then, the area was swarmed with police officers.

"A little while later, I heard helicopters overhead. I looked out the door, and I saw all the police activity," Wililer said.

Officers were seen outside a second-floor condo unit, where neighbors say law enforcement came to serve an eviction notice, but found no one home.

Then, there was an altercation out in the street. One officer fired shots, killing the man. His identity has not yet been released. A knife was found near his body.

"I was working and I heard the shots. I looked out the window and there was like about five shots or so. The guy fell I would suppose almost immediately. I didn't see him standing, so when I heard the shots and looked out he was already lying down, and that's basically it. Police started helping him out and the ambulance came almost immediately," a neighbor named Ivan said.

Police have not released any information about why the officer pulled the trigger.

Neighbors were in disbelief.

"I'm completely shocked. There's nothing like that that happens in this area," Sandy Bissinger said.

"This is a little bit shocking, like a lot a bit shocking, actually. I would not have thought of this. I've lived here three years and nothing like this has ever happened," Emanie Chestnut told CBS2's Meg Baker.

"That's scary. I didn't know anything about it. I don't know what to make of that. Normally, no incidents here. It's very quiet," Ken Bushhorn said.

"This is safe neighborhood, always very quiet. Barely see cops around," Sandra Batista added.

Crime scene investigators were at the scene for hours processing and boxing up evidence.

Because it is a police-involved shooting, the Attorney General's office will handle the investigation.

CBS2's Meg Baker and Nick Caloway contributed to this report.

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