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Police Fatally Shoot Man They Say Attacked Them With Knife In Morningside Heights

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There was plenty of outrage Tuesday night after police shot and killed an emotionally disturbed man.

The scene of the shooting at Morningside Avenue and 124th Street in Morningside Heights was still active late into the night.

Police said they gunned down Mohamed Bah after he came at officers with a knife.

1010 WINS' John Montone reports


Hawa Bah, the mother of the man who was killed, is now demanding answers from police, CBS 2's Hazel Sanchez reported.

"Tell those people why they killed my son for," Hawa Bah cried out. "I called them."

Police responded to the home of Mohamed Bah earlier in the evening. Hawa Bah, who arrived from West Africa on Monday to visit her son in New York, said she noticed her son was acting unusual. She said she called 911 to get him medical assistance.

She said when police arrived, the family met the officers outside the apartment while Mohamed stayed inside, refusing to open the door.

His mother said she begged police to allow her to speak to her son to coax him out, but she said police wouldn't let her.

"They tell everybody 'Get out the building,' they tell everybody 'Get out the sidewalk.' We want to know why they killed him -- why they even break down the door," a witness said.

Police said Mohamed Bah was armed with a knife and in order to subdue him they had to Taser him twice and shoot him with a beanbag round. But when he continued to come toward them with a knife, police shot him.

It is unknown how many officers opened fire during the shooting, CBS 2's Sanchez reported.

Police said Bah slashed one of the officers in his vest and went after another officer. Neither officer was injured.

Bah's mother said she is devastated that she couldn't help her son.

"I believe he's sick. He loves me so much, maybe he miss me for two years. That can give him depression. I said, 'Please don't hurt him, don't hurt him. Help me to take him to the hospital.' That's all I tell. So who will call for help? Who will call for help?" Hawa Bah cried out.

Hawa Bah had come to visit for her son for his birthday. He would have turned 28 on Sept. 28.

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