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Police Departments Around The New York Area On High Alert Following Baton Rogue, Dallas Attacks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police departments in the New York area have been on high alert following the Baton Rogue and Dallas attacks on their law enforcement colleagues.

As CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reported, it's a perilous time to be a police officer, and cops' families are on edge wondering if their uniformed loved ones will fall victim to an ambush or a sniper.

"Police persons should be looked upon as symbols of gratitude and appreciation for the safety and basic freedoms that we enjoy each and every day," Rabbi Anchelle Perl said

Tributes flowed during a wreath laying in a solemn ceremony at the police headquarters in Nassau County.

Cops honored the 8 officers slain from Baton Rogue and Dallas, they stood in solidarity despite the consequences reaffirming their oaths to serve the public and protect the constitution.

"Where else can you go and chant 'kill cops' and cops protect those people who chant that," Nassau County PBA President, James Carver said.

The officers were killed following two recent incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana that saw two black men fatally shot by police.

For now, the high alert remains at malls, bus terminals, movie theaters, and the power grid.

"I feel it is a disgrace what's going on with the killings," Jen Hayes said.

"All we hear is all this rhetoric," Michael Burnett said.

Supporters said police and the disenchanted can meet halfway.

"Our phones have rung, people have come to our station houses, come in offered flowers, given us baskets of fruit in support of the officers who have been killed around the world," Nassau Chief of Steven Skrynecki said.

Suburban officers said they have united with their local communities in the past to overcome fear and intolerance, and know they can come together again.

On Monday night, in Wantagh, Nassau police unions were hosting a fundraising event for their brother officers from Baton Rogue and Dallas.

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