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Rep. Weiner Admits Sending Explicit Photos Of Himself Out On The Internet

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There are bad days, then there's the one Rep. Anthony Weiner had on Wednesday.

Weiner's office released a statement on Wednesday night that said the congressman sent explicit photos of himself out on the Internet. This latest bombshell came hours after an X-rated photo that he purportedly took of himself turned up on the Web and shortly after news broke that his wife is pregnant.

"As Rep. Weiner said on Monday when he took responsibility for his actions, he has sent explicit photos. To reiterate, he has never met any of these women or had physical contact with them. As he said, he deeply regrets the pain he has caused. With the full support of his wife, he is working on righting these wrongs with his family and his colleagues," Weiner spokeswoman Risa B. Heller said.

This came on the heels of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who posted the infamous crotch shot last week and shirtless photos of Weiner on his site Monday, saying he had a copy of an X-rated photo allegedly showing Weiner's penis.

Breitbart also said he wouldn't post the photo online.

Weiner iPhone Photo
Photo allegedly of Anthony Weiner's penis on Andrew Breitbart's iPhone (Altered due to graphic nature)

He kept his word...sort of. During an appearance on Opie and Anthony's radio show Wednesday, he showed the photo to the Sirius XM shock jocks that he apparently kept on his iPhone  -- another story altogether...

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Guess what happened next? The jocks took a photo of the photo and Tweeted it. Or so we thought. Opie a.k.a. Gregg Hughes, later posted a video explaining that he wanted to take a picture from Breitbart's iPhone, it came out too blurry -- but video supposedly captured the image, someone then took a screengrab of the image from the video and sent it to them. Opie and an O&A staffer then took a photo of the much-clearer screengrab and raced to see who could Tweet it first.

He also said Andrew Breitbart is not happy the picture got out and he believes it was never Breitbart's intention for it to be Tweeted.

Weiner's nightmarish day ended with CBS 2 learning his wife, Huma Abedin, is expecting the couple's first child. Can it get any worse for the six-term New York Democrat? Check back with CBSNewYork on Thursday.

Did you follow all of that? If you'd like to see the photo in question, click below:

Click here to see the original photo Tweeted by Opie & Anthony (Warning: Graphic)

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