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Pets Across Tri-State In Need Of Foster Families

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- If you love animals, but can't commit to years of taking care of a furry friend there's a huge need for foster families to open their homes.

Meet "Sweetie," the barker, and "Mitzie," who loves to twirl around for food. They are two foster dogs being taken care of by Betsy Goldman in her apartment in TriBeCa.

"If you're not good at commitment fostering is great, because you're not officially adopting the animal, you're giving the animal a safe place and giving them love until they get their forever home," Goldman told CBS 2's Cindy Hsu.

Goldman is also fostering four cats. She works with Friends of Animal Rescue and said all the pets truly need is your time and love.

"We can provide the food; we can provide any vet care that they need. We can even provide help with walking if the person works during the day for dog walks," Goldman said.

Dozens of animal welfare groups in the area have countless pets that need foster homes and we're talking about a lot more than just cats and dogs.

"Guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, any kind of animal you can think of that's a legal animal to have in a home in this area you can definitely foster," said Jamie Lyn Rubin of Best Friends Animal Society.

It can take a few days, sometimes months, to find the pets a permanent home, and some are adopted by their foster families.

Actor Kevin Conway, who stars in CBS' "The Good Wife," has rescued dogs and cats and said this is a way to save countless lives.

"Between 4 and 5 million adoptable cats and dogs every year in the United States are euthanized," Conway said.

There's a nationwide effort called "Strut Your Mutt," to help raise money for animal rescue organizations. New Yorkers will be strutting their mutts this Sunday to help 19 local groups.

"It's like the Easter parade, only you don't have to look jerky in a hat," Conway said.

Mitzi and many others will be there, trying to find a forever family. Until then, these animal lovers are desperately in search of more foster families to open their hearts and their homes.

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