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Light In The COVID Darkness: 88-Year-Old Becomes Talk Of Her Town For Spreading Love And Joy On The Piano

FLORAL PARK. N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- An 88-year-old Long Island woman hasn't left her house since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but that's not stopping her from spreading joy. Her love of playing the piano has turned into a community affair in Nassau County.

Peggy Kramer recorded "Over the Rainbow" back in March of last year after her daughter, Mary, noticed rainbows plastered onto windows of homes and in driveways in the face of COVID's dark wrath.

"And Mary said, 'Why don't you start playing some of the music that has rainbow in it?'" Peggy told CBS2's Lisa Rozner on Sunday.


Her daughter posted it to a Floral Park community Facebook group writing, "A little something from mom to brighten a dreary day."

"I would just say something and 'Have a nice day,' and it seems that it has caught on," Peggy said. "And now we're up to weekend 47 and it's still going strong. We play songs like 'You Needed Me,' 'God Bless the USA,' 'Somewhere Out There' -- pretty songs that are just relaxing."

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It has become a tradition. Every Sunday, Peggy records and releases a new song.

This week, it's one called "Dream."


Peggy has lived in the same house in Floral Park for more than 60 years. The Dream song, for her, is reminiscent of when she raised her 11 kids there.

You read that right -- 11 kids. She also has 31 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

"I speak on behalf of all my siblings. You know, she is just a remarkable woman to begin with and the best part about the story is that it's genuinely from her heart that she just wants to bring her gift of music to the community," daughter Kathy Carter said.

"I would like to feel that maybe I was instrumental in the country feeling better. At least Floral Park is feeling better," Peggy said with a laugh.

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She said front-line nurses have told her they play the music en route to work. Only now at 88 did she just retire from two part-time jobs. And now she plays the piano every day and she'll play for the masses online as long as it's bringing smiles to strangers' faces.

"Be safe. Be Kind. Be grateful. We'll all get through this together," Peggy said.

She pointed out there are also 88 keys on the piano. She has been playing on the same one since she was 6.

CBS2's Lisa Rozner contributed to this report


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