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Party like it's 1999 at Camp No Counselors

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Camp No Counselors

Camp No Counselors
May 28-31, 2015

Summers used to be all about camp. It's the place you yearned for all winter long. It's where you had your first kiss and where you learned your braggable Katnis-style skills for survival in the great outdoors. But now, your summer consists of work and... more work, and then maybe a few happy hour drinks if you're lucky.

Well, we here at CBS' ESP want to help send you back to the days of yore by introducing you to pretty much the greatest place on earth—Camp No Counselors.

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How could you possibly have as much fun as you did in those golden days of freedom? The same way you liberate your self every weekend--lots of booze!

That's right, Camp No Counselors is the summer camp just for adults (or at least adult children like you're truly). From May 28-31 and Sept 4-7 you and your friends can enjoy a long weekend away from the city, in beautiful Albany. From water sports and water slides to color wars, tug of war… basically any kind of fun war game you can think of, and of course a talent show, this camp will bring you everything you miss about the good old days, and then some.

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Your $475 purchase includes round trip transportation, all meals (um, I'd pay $475 just to have time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner these days), an open bar for the entire weekend, theme parties with live DJs every night, as well as housing in your co-ed cabin.

So get your tum ready for a weekend of s'mors, bon fires, sun and booze and kick off summer right at Camp No Counselors.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for New York.


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