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Partier's Guide To Cancun, Mexico

You will find everything from world class resorts to fine dining options and outdoor bars to white sandy beaches in Cancun, Mexico. With beautiful weather, a tropical vibe and an exotic nightlife, it is no wonder why so many make their way to Cancun to party. There is definitely a party for everyone and plenty of opportunities to party until the sun comes up.
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Where To Party

Cancun is home to many late night and early morning nightclubs which are perfect for those looking to spend their vacation partying around the clock. Nightclubs and bars such as Coco Bongo, Carlosn' Charlies, Karamba, Senior Frogs and Daddy'O offer an exotic vibe, unique atmosphere and lively dance music. These are perfect for partying all night long. Other popular nightclubs for partying in Cancun include Palazzo, Mandala and The City.

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Festivals To Enjoy

Those wanting to party until they drop may want to plan their upcoming vacation to Cancun during one of the many festivals. These festivals offer the opportunity for visitors to learn local culture, dine on Mexican cuisine and party like there is no tomorrow. Many of these festivals feature folk music, art exhibits, dancing, food and lots of entertainment.

Many travelers make their vacation plans around the many festivals in Mexico. They look forward to their annual trips where they can not only party until the sun comes up, but also experience the local culture and learn from the locals why these festivals are so important to their heritage. Popular festivals in Cancun include:

  • Day of the Dead in late October
  • Independence Day in September
  • Revolution Day in November
  • Dia de la Raza in mid-October
  • Viva Mexico en Cancun in September
How To Get Around

Knowing how to get around will make getting to and from the nightclubs easier, especially after a long night of drinking and dancing. It is possible to get around Cancun by foot; however, depending upon where you are staying, the easiest and most popular way to get around Cancun is by the bus system. The bus makes frequent stops throughout the downtown area. You can also rent a car from the airport, but you need to be sure you are ready to drive on the narrow, crowded roads with speedy traffic patterns. Those not wanting to drive themselves around Cancun can hire a taxi, but this is more expensive than taking the bus.

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Where To Stay

There are many nightclubs, bars and lounges throughout Cancun, making it possible to find somewhere to party at any given time of the day. In addition to the lively nightlife, you will also find some hotels that cater to those wanting to party. These hotels offer bars and/or clubs on-site and plenty of activities for guests to enjoy long past the sun setting. Popular hotels in Cancun for those wanting to party include:

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Where To Eat

Cancun is not only the destination to go when you want to experience some of the hottest nightclubs in the world, it is also home to many world-class restaurants. One of the best things about dining in Cancun is the variety of restaurants you will find. No matter what you are hungry for, you are sure to find a restaurant that serves the cuisine you want. Local restaurants serve everything from Italian to Mexican and burgers to pizza. Foodies who love to party will feel like they are in heaven because they will have everything from award-winning restaurants and exotic nightclubs, all within a short distance of their hotel.

Take time to relax and enjoy local cuisine while overlooking breathtaking waterfront views as the sun sets over the horizon. Then kick off your heels and head on out for an all-night party that will bring you home just as the sun starts to rise. Popular restaurants in Cancun include:

While in Cancun, you can spend the day relaxing on the white sandy beaches and the evening dancing the night away. The variety of party spots in Cancun make it possible for partiers to find something exciting to do during their vacation. You are sure to enjoy the Mexican-party vibe, the local cuisine and the many things you can do while in Cancun -- including being able to easily go from party to party while on vacation.

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