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Parents Take Kids On Whirlwind Volunteering Vacation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Many children dread doing chores, especially during the summer.

Now, one family is keeping chores constant even while on vacation and it's all in the name of helping others.

As CBS 2's Alex Dennis reported Friday, the Murset family -- Sterling, Spencer, Adam, Sydney, Sierra, Zach, Camie and Gregg -- are on a mission.

"Inspire your kids to get off the couch and learn some work ethic," said dad Gregg.

The family, with six children ranging in age from 7 to 16, has packed into an RV and will travel to 20 states spanning from Arizona to New York and back, Dennis reported.

Along the way, they're doing good deeds for dozens of people in need. On Friday, they spent the morning volunteering on Randall's Island.

Dad Gregg is the mastermind behind the three-week, 6,500-mile journey.

At first, the kids weren't excited to learn they'd be spending part of their summer doing chores, especially for people they didn't know.

"I was like really? We didn't think he was for real, but he was," said 13-year-old Sydney.

But their sentiment quickly changed.

"I like doing the lawns and stuff," said 11-year-old Adam.

Sierra, 15, said she likes "dusting."

"I like picking weeds," said 7-year-old Sterling.

And that's exactly what their parents hoped the trip would teach their children: responsibility and selflessness, Dennis reported.

"They've done really well. They haven't complained," said mom Camie.

Gregg took the project one step further and created a free app called My Job Chart.

"They need to know that you got to work. And those things are connected. When you work, you get money, and when you get money, you have to do smart things with it," he said.

From the app, parents can task their children with chores like brushing their teeth or cleaning their room. When the chore is complete, kids earn points and the points represent money.

Kids can then choose if they want to spend, save, or share their earnings with charity.

So how many points are the Murset children earning on their trip? None.

The family said this journey is a life lesson that's taught them to appreciate everything they have.

"It's amazing to have a family like this," said Sierra.

And that giving back to the less fortunate isn't an option, it's a responsibility, Dennis reported.

Prior to Friday's stop, the Mursets painted for a mother in the Bronx whose son has autism. And they cleaned out the garage for a family in New Jersey whose daughter has cancer.

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