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Parenting & Bedroom Blues: Spice Up Your Sex Life

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- According to a new Parenting magazine survey, parents say they are having less sex - and a whopping 72 percent say they wish they were having more.

Love and relationship guru Jenny Hutt, host of her own radio show, "Just Jenny" on Sirius XM Stars, is a mother of two.

She stopped by The Couch to tell us why she thinks there's not enough action going on in the bedroom - and more importantly, how to spice it up.

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Hutt wasn't surprised to learn that many parents were unhappy with their sex life.

"After being in a relationship for many years or after having kids, the sex life kind of diminishes," she said.

What causes the bedroom blues? A lot of it has to do with kids - maybe not directly, but the things that come along with having them: Parents feeling too busy, too tired or not great about their body image.

As Hutt points out, feeling tired can translate into a lack of desire for your partner. One interesting tip for women? If you're feeling that lack of attraction towards your husband, take him out where other women may find him good looking.

"The minute you see somebody else likes your man, you're like, 'Oh my God, he's mine and he's hot,'" she said.

For more tips - and to find out how often you should be having sex - check out the full interview below.

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