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Brazen Black Bear Romps Through Neighborhood In Paramus, New Jersey

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) - A black bear is on the move once more after spending a few hours perched in a tree high above a sleepy neighborhood in Paramus, New Jersey.

Police first spotted the bear in a wooded area of Sirianni Park off Country Club Road, behind the campus of Bergen Community College.

"Residents are advised that if they see the bear to not approach it and to call 911," Paramus Police wrote on Twitter.

Bear In Tree In Paramus, New Jersey
A black bear was spotted in a tree Sirianni Park in Paramus, N.J., on April 30, 2018. (credit: CBS2)

The bear seemed pretty sleepy Monday afternoon and was spotted resting high up in a tree in a residential neighborhood.

One neighbor told Roy she woke up and spotted the bear running through her yard and all over Benton and Hall Roads.

The bear was first spotted Sunday night near Route 17, according to Animal Control, who believes the bear most likely came down Saddle River through Ho-Ho-Kus.

"I woke up. My husband said 'There's a bear in the backyard.' Next thing you know I look to the front of my house, there were cop cars. I was shocked. I really was shocked," one woman told Roy. "It's scary, you know, because my son plays basketball in our yard a lot. He's always outside."

The bear has since climbed high up into a tree, who had hoped to tranquilize the bear or scare him down with a loud noise. Those efforts haven't been working, Roy reported and the bear is too high in the tree to safely dart, so for now they are letting the bear rest.

"We're standing by by this bear. We managed to move him from one tree to another. But he's now taking a nap," said Animal Control Officer Carol Tyler. "And I don't blame him. He's been up all night running around. So he's probably going to stay in that tree for a while. We're going to allow him to come down that tree. Hopefully, when he does, since we made him very scared behind you, he'll head back to where we want him to head, towards the golf course and the park. If that happens, you probably won't see him again."

The bear made its way down from the tree shortly before 9 p.m. Police said it was last seen moving northwest from Midland Avenue.

If you see the bear, authorities urge steering clear.

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