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Palladino: Incompetent Before, Now Jets Are Just A Punchline

By Ernie Palladino
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We all knew the Jets were underachievers, losers, a veritable mess.

Now they're just a punchline to a really bad joke, and after revealing their strange sense of comedy in a 49-19 loss to the Patriots on NBC's Thanksgiving Night showcase, the whole country knows it, too.

What other team in the league pratfalls like Rex Ryan's mean Green gang? They turned the ball over four times in the first half alone, allowing the AFC East-leading Patriots to stroll to a 35-3 halftime lead.

Anyone who thought the Jets were going to make like Tony Romo and the Cowboys and come back to make this one a game just hasn't paid attention in recent weeks. The only comeback potential this team has comes against other destitute teams like the Rams.

Against the mighty, 8-3 Pats? Nada.

But at least they gave the 15 or so fans who ate early and showed up at MetLife Stadium a good laugh or two. They're just too much, these guys. Mark Sanchez tucks the ball in, only to fumble it as he runs into Brandon Moore's behind, and that ample posterior is only there because beefy defensive tackle Vince Wilfork pushed it back there.

Of course, Steve Gregory picked it up and returned it for a touchdown.

Next play, a kickoff return, Joe McKnight gets slammed by Devin McCourty. Ball pops up and who's there to pick it out of the air?

Julian Edelman, that's who. Twenty-two yard return for a touchdown.

We'd be remiss to skirt over Sanchez' Red Zone interception, which led to Wes Welker's touchdown catch on the first play of the second quarter. Nor should we pass over Edelman's 56-yard touchdown catch on which he was standing basically alone behind the secondary, just waiting for Tom Brady to find him.

It was actually unfortunate that Brady kept his mind on football matters. On this night, for the effort the Jets put out, he would have served his audience better by sticking a cigar in his mouth and feeding the Jets straight lines.

Perhaps Woody Johnson can pick up that slack in his next meeting of the writing staff, er, front office brass.

"So, guys, I went to a Jets game last night and a Greek tragedy broke out. Ha, ha, ha!"

"Did you hear the one about the quarterback who jumped all over his star guard's rear end? He dropped the ball! Bazinga!"

Yeah, funny guy, that Johnson. He's got a laugh riot of a team on his hands. The Jets couldn't even get in on fourth down from a half-yard out in the third quarter, down 35-3.

The comic effect alone makes it worth the price of those PSLs.

Come to think of it, it's not that funny. The losses total seven now. It is just about over. The running of the table to get to 9-7 and at least into the wildcard conversation holds as much reality now as Sanchez beating a herd of Pamplona's bulls down a cobblestone street.

This is Ryan's "best team" he's ever had.

Season on the line. Futures on the line. They come up with this.

Well, at least Tim Tebow's rib injury kept him on the sidelines. That's one thing we can be thankful for.

The rest? Just a Thanksgiving Night joke.

Who knew that slapstick was part of the holiday?

Bada-bing, Rex!

Tell us your best joke of the New York Jets in the comment section below.

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