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Oyster Bay High School home to some top fencers in the country

Class Act: Oyster Bay High School home to some of country's top fencers
Class Act: Oyster Bay High School home to some of country's top fencers 07:36

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. - Thousands of schools across the Tri-State Area are synonymous with the incredible programs they offer, or with elite sports teams. 

You can add Oyster Bay High School to that list. It is home to some of the top male and female fencers in the country. 

"I actually started four years ago as an after-school activity. And then I started training at a private club in Port Washington, and I've been fencing there ever since," freshman Luke Kugler said. 

For Kugler, it was the right move, and gave way to an amazing season: Oyster Bay's record of 20-1, and Kugler won the Nassau County championships, voted first team all county, and he took home first place in the regionals. 

"It's been really great. I really enjoyed fencing with the team. I really enjoy how the team motivates me and helps me persevere through the season," Kugler said. 

Though Kugler is just a freshman, he competes and thinks like a seasoned upperclassman. 

"When I'm fencing, the main thing, it's both physically and mentally challenging... . You're very agile on the strip. You're moving a lot, but also you need to be thinking about strategy and what you're going to do," Kugler said. 

What he continues to do is dominate at the national level. He just returned from the North American Cup in Portland, Oregon. 

"It was a very competitive tournament, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country, and I did really well," he said. "I got eighth place." 

Also awesome? Standout sophomore Gabriella Sherlock. When she heard Kugler went 20-and-1 last season, she decided to top that. Sherlock went undefeated this season, and in the process, set an Oyster Bay record.

"It's definitely a hard sport to do if you're not winning, you get down on yourself. So it's definitely something you love more and more over time, not so much a love-at-first-sight type of thing," Sherlock said. 

Sherlock's record is incredible. She won the 2024 Nassau County championship, was named All County, All Long Island, she won the Manhasset Invitational, and she's qualified for the Junior Olympics.

"It's given me more confidence, because I've been working through an injury this season, I tore my hamstring, so I've been getting down on myself, so having the awards has really helped me," Sherlock said. 

But does she get nervous or anxious? 

"A lot. But I just listen to music when I go there, also read my Bible before," she said. 

A true testament to how great a student athlete Sherlock is: She refused to get caught up in her own success. 

"I think we all support each other a lot and there's a lot of cheering. We're all kind of friends. It's nice," she said. 

Very nice, until you're opposite one of these champions. 

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