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Security Company Unveils State-Of-The-Art Training Facility For Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- From sporting events to film premiers, wherever you find large crowds you'll likely find dogs trained to sniff for bombs.

Just like athletes at the top of their game, these canines and their handlers do what they need to maintain an edge. CBS2's Tony Aiello got an inside look at a brand new center to help them do just that.

When canine Cameron follows his nose, lives could be at stake. Everything about the lovable labs makes them perfect for their potentially dangerous work.

"The long bone of their nose, they have more olfactory sensors," Tom Hickey from MSA Security said. "More it breaks down an odor that goes into its nose. They have more endurance."

They also now have a 12,000 square-foot facility to hone their amazing skills. MSA Security cut the ribbon Tuesday on its Rockland County training center that sits just 12 miles from Manhattan, where their dogs regularly patrol high profile events and facilities.

"They're playing a part in protecting this country," MSA CEO Michael O'Neill said. "These dogs are on the front line protecting us all from high explosive threats."

Unlike some companies, MSA uses actual explosives in their training. When canine Clare sits, that's her signal that she's made a dangerous discovery.

Orangeburg Town Supervisor Chris Day is an Army veteran who worked with detection dogs in the Middle East.

"(I realized) how important it is that we allow this sort of use in an area so our community and other communities can be safe," Day said.

Officials say one of the most expensive parts of the facility was the floor. Since strong scents interfere with the dog's training, the paint and finish on the floor had to be odor free. It's kept that way with a mini-Zamboni to clean and polish it in the name of giving the four-legged friends everything they need to keep them safe.

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