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Opinion: Just Biding Our Time

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Since the election, I have seen several staunch President Barack Obama supporters who have had nearly-identical smirks across their smiling lips as they approached. The last time I’d seen each of them, we were discussing – and arguing – about the benefits versus the harm involved in reelecting President Obama.

I said nothing about politics this time around and waited for their comments – which I correctly assumed would be coming. The first one I saw said, “I work in business and know all about this tax stuff. I know what Romney has been hiding regarding his taxes.” My response was simply, “It’s amazing that you’re still concerned about Romney’s taxes when we still don’t know what is in our president’s academic records.” She snapped, “Oh, it’s just that Obama did all kinds of drugs when he was in school and that caused him to get bad grades.” I said, “No, it’s much more than that because everybody already knows about his drug use from his autobiographical book ‘Dreams From My Father’”. She begged to differ.

When I said that Obama had paid big bucks to keep his academic records sealed, she said, “He never responded to that!” I chuckled, “Oh, just like Libya.” And she walked away in a huff.

Another person I ran into with the same “so, Obama won” air about her is a mother of two high school children. From past conversations with this woman, I know that her big reason for voting for Obama was because of the social issues in which Republican candidates’ commented about abortion. Basically, she fell as hard as one can possibly fall for the “war on women” nonsense.

This woman also voted for Obama in 2008 and complained about him for the better part of Obama’s first four years in office. Believe it or not, with the assistance of the Obama economy, her family lost a business in the past four years. Yet, talk of contraceptives by Obama and misspoken talk of abortion by two Republican politicians is apparently what caused this disgruntled Obama voter of the past to turn her back on real change for the economy in 2012 and to vote for Obama again.

I know, in my heart, that before 2016 comes around, this mother of two high school students will be complaining about Obama and the economy again – especially when her children get out of high school or college and can’t find a job any better than flipping burgers somewhere – if even that.

All the Republicans – nearly half of Americans at this point in time – can do is remain silent as these delusional liberals gleefully smirk like young school girls in love for the first time as their president continues four more years of the same. After all, in no time, conservatives will be trying to hold back the smirks as these liberals slowly but surely realize what they’ve done to our country – again.

About Scott Paulson

Scott Paulson writes political commentary for and teaches English at a community college in the Chicago area. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CBS Local.


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