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Online Dating: 5 Insider Tips For Finding Love

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Flirting & communications expert Rachel DeAlto's new book "Flirt Fearlessly" may not be out just yet, but she hit The Couch all of the dirt on how to make the most out of online dating and gives us her insider tips for finding love online.

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1. Find the right site for you. There are over 1500 online dating sites out there. The first one you try out might not fit, so try another. Do not get discouraged and avoid it all together.

2. Put up a photo. Profiles with photos get twice as many responses. People are visual, and the first thing most users consider are your pictures. Just make sure it is accurate and recent! Inaccurate or deceptive photos are one of the top reasons why users of online dating sites get frustrated.

3. Stay positive. Do not talk about anything negative in your profile. Focus on the positive! Talk about the fun things you like to do, the places ' been, and what you have to offer. Never say "I hate…" or "I never want…" in your essays.

4. Flirt as if you were face to face. Your online communications should have the same tone as your offline chats. Be fun and flirty, pay compliments, and use humor (if you are funny).

5. Keep an open mind. Try not to expand your must have list just because the site gives you more drop down boxes to choose from! Take a chance once or twice and meet someone you ' typically date-you might be surprised.

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