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On Call with Dr. Kumar: Winter health concerns on the rise from coughs to cardiac risks and even crankiness

On Call with Dr. Kumar: How to stay healthy in cold winter months
On Call with Dr. Kumar: How to stay healthy in cold winter months 04:08

NEW YORK -- As temperatures fall around the region, health concerns are on the rise -- from coughs, to cardiovascular concerns and even just being more cranky. 

Dr. Nidhi Kumar is On Call for CBS New York to explain what to watch out for and how to get healthier this winter. 

First, it feels like everyone is coughing, so how do we get some relief? Dr. Kumar stresses the importance of staying hydrated and treating any esophageal reflux or winter allergies. 

She also addressed cold weather cardiac concerns, particularly who's at risk when shoveling.

"This is something that I really want people to take very seriously. When you shovel snow, within two minutes, you are generating the same cardiac stress as intense aerobic exercise," she said. "So you combine the stress of the cold with the stress of shoveling, and your cardiovascular risk goes up."

People may be feeling like their energy is low or they're a bit crankier, so what can we do to feel better? She recommends checking your vitamin D levels, getting some morning sun, exercising and reducing sugars and carbs in your diet. 

Watch Dr. Kumar's full interview above for more advice.

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