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On Call with Dr. Kumar: What's causing latest surge in RSV, and how to stay healthy

On Call: What is RSV and why are cases surging?
On Call: What is RSV and why are cases surging? 03:56

NEW YORK -- Hospitals are bracing for a surge in RSV cases, as part of the so-called "tripledemic" predicted to hit our area this fall.

Dr. Nidhi Kumar is On Call for CBS New York for the latest on the respiratory virus. 

She explains why the area is seeing an uptick in cases, and breaks down the symptoms and new treatment options. 

"Two big things around this virus: First, it's incredibly contagious. It's not only spread through respiratory droplets but also contact with infected surfaces," she said. "Second, COVID also plays a role here. So we have a large population of young children, younger than the age of 3, that are immunologically naïve. Because of the social distancing, the masking, the closure of schools during COVID, they were never exposed to the virus when they were younger, and now there's sort of a catchup going on."

Watch Dr. Kumar's full interview above for more information.

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