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NYPD says officer seen outside Drake at the Apollo was taking video for social media

NYPD: Officer was taking social media video outside Apollo
NYPD: Officer was taking social media video outside Apollo 00:45

NEW YORK -- New York City officials responded to questions Monday about an NYPD officer seen filming people as they left a Drake concert this weekend at the Apollo Theater

Video circulating on social media shows a Community Affairs officer holding a camera as concert goers exited the theater Sunday in Harlem. Some questioned how the footage will be used. 

Mayor Eric Adams said the NYPD was not spying on New Yorkers. 

"That was a safe event, it was a large event -- Drake back at the Apollo -- and we want that. We want our police and community involved, and those who are naysayers find reason to complain about everything, no matter what you do," the mayor said Monday. 

Police said the video was taken for social media purposes. They say it will be edited and posted online as soon as Tuesday. 

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