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NYPD: Imani Lucas, 29, charged with attempted murder after plowing into people in Midtown

Driver who plowed into crowd of people in Midtown set to face judge
Driver who plowed into crowd of people in Midtown set to face judge 02:00

NEW YORK -- Imani Lucas, the driver who plowed into a crowd of people standing on a sidewalk in Midtown late Sunday night, is set to face a judge. 

The 29-year-old was in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after being arrested but is now set for arraignment at Manhattan Criminal Court. 

Wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "Good Vibes," Imani Lucas kept her eyes down as she was led out of the police precinct in handcuffs. The 29-year-old did not answer reporters' questions about what she allegedly told police after she was arrested. 

On Sunday night just before midnight, Lucas ran a red light and drove onto the sidewalk at 36th and Sixth, striking seven people. 

She drove off, and was later nabbed by police after crashing into cars upon exiting the Queens-Midtown Tunnel on the LIE near 188th Street. 

"That was really shocking," Giuseppe Menga said. 

Menga is 34-year-old Giulia Gardani's former tennis coach, co-worker and friend. The former professional tennis player was the most severely injured. Menga was in contact with her parents Tuesday. 

"Was a surgery here behind the neck, so it was a tough one, you know," Menga said. "We are talking about, you know, all the movement. Not just the leg, but it was about the arm... next 48 hours will be the most important."

Menga said Gardani was here with her husband on a belated honeymoon. 

"He has, like, a really bad impact in the face, and some, like, broken bones," Menga said. 

Those struck by the car range in age from 24-60 and have various head, leg and arm injuries. All are expected to be OK. 

Lucas was taken to a local hospital for psych evaluation before being brought to the Midtown South police precinct. Next up for her, she'll be arraigned later Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. 

Among the charges she's facing: Attempted murder, assault and leaving the scene of an accident. 

No one was injured in the second crash outside the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. 

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