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See It: NYPD Officers Rescue Ducklings, Lead Mama Duck And Family Back To Central Park

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A disoriented duck got a big helping hand from New York's Finest.

Two NYPD officers rescued the dozen ducklings, who had wandered to Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side Sunday morning.

The officers placed the ducklings into a large carrier.

Video posted to Twitter shows one of the officers walking with the ducklings in the carrier through the streets, followed closely by their mother. The officer can be seen turning and pausing from time to time to let the mother duck catch up. The video shows them crossing busy Park Avenue, among other streets.

The officer led the quacking mama duck to Central Park, carrying her ducklings, who kept peeping from the carrier.

The officer then emptied the carrier by Conservatory Water in Central Park, reuniting the family.

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