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NYC's 4 Best Plates Of Tater Tots

The classic golden fried cylinders of shredded potatoes aren't the only kinds of tater tots you can get in New York City. From the version fried in duck fat to a dish made with lobster, here are New York City's 5 best tater tots. By Siobhan Wallace.

P.J. Clarke's
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

P.J. Clarke's may turn out some of the best hamburgers, but it's their side of Parmesan Tater Tots that are not to be missed. Made in-house before frying, a pyramid of fried potatoes is served covered with Parmesan and herbs - then served with an ample amount of dipping ketchup. It's enough to make you forget about french fries.

Jimmy's Diner
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

Another delicious homemade rendition of the beloved tater tot can be found at Jimmy's Diner in Williamsburg. Similar to hush puppies, the side dish is made using riced potatoes instead of the shredded kind. What's more, the herbs and spices are cooked in. The result is fantastic, if a little heavier than usual. A side of these can definitely be shared amongst two people. But be warned: this place is cash only.

Crif Dog
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

Crif Dogs might be better known as the place with the phone booth for PDT, but while you're waiting to get into the speakeasy, you can munch on classic tater tots. These are the ones you were served up at lunch, and they still go great when doused in ketchup or covered in chili cheese.

Northeast Kingdom
(credit: Northeast Kingdom Facebook)

Northeast Kingdom has taken tater tots to another level by frying them in duck fat. The different fat gives the tots a richer flavor, and they're still wonderfully crunchy. Regular tots are sometimes available as an appetizer during dinner, but right now you want to go for weekend brunch where they're serving up Tater Tot Potine complete with maitake mushrooms and cheese curd.


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