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NYC's 8 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream treats come in many forms, from cakes and cones, to sundaes and milkshakes. But in honor of National Ice Cream Month this July, we've scoped out New York's best ice cream sandwiches. You may no longer be enjoying this childhood classic at summer camp, but it tastes just as good -- actually, it tastes better -- when popular NYC chefs put their own spin on the dessert delight.

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Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

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Macarons are the signature item at Francois Payard's Upper East Side sweet shop, and for summertime, the famed French chef is taking things to a new level. Chef Payard says his creation, the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, is a combination of cultures -- America, known for its ice cream, and France, known for the macaron, come together in fun flavors like raspberry pistachio, strawberry cheesecake and coconut mango.

Magnolia Bakery's Blondie Ice Cream Sandwich

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In addition to offering Magnolia's classic desserts -- from red velvet cupcakes to banana pudding -- the store credited with launching the cupcake craze now also sells a line of handmade ice cream sandwiches. Flavor choices include brownie, blondie, lemon cookie, magic bar or red velvet whoopie ice cream sandwiches -- and all are made with Ronnybrook Farm's vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Milk & Cookies continuously tops "best cookie" rankings in New York City, and when they join forces with il laboratorio del gelato to create cookie-gelato concoctions, there's no stopping the sweetness. With flavor combinations like chocolate chip cookie & strawberry ice cream, peanut butter chocolate cookie with dark chocolate ice cream and an M&M sugar cookie with vanilla ice cream, there are more than enough reasons to stop by this West Village bake shop.

Jacques Torres Ice Cream Sandwich
(credit: Jacques Torres)

Is there any kind of sweet stuff that Jacques Torres doesn't do right? From fudge to frozen hot chocolate, you can't go wrong when you swing by this city institution. One of the pricier items on this list, the ice cream sandwiches at Jacque Torres will set you back more than a $5 spot -- but for a heat wave indulgence, this will be well worth it. The handcrafted cold stuff is known as some of the city's finest, most natural ice cream. And when it's sandwiched between the chocolatier's famously gooey, crumbly cookie...well, don't say we didn't warn you. Jacques Torres Chocolate has locations on Amsterdam Ave., Hudson Street, East 57th Street, in Brooklyn (66 Water Street), 327 Lafayette St and 30 Rock.

Dounut Ice Cream sandwich
(credit: Holey Cream)

For those not looking to leave any calorie uneaten, this joint is for you. Holey Cream is a tiny place that Paula Deen would love. What's more, they have perfected the doughnut ice cream sandwich. Customers pick icing flavors (chocolate or vanilla) and add up to three flavors of ice cream. Favorite flavors include dulce de leche, red velvet and coffee mud pie. And don't forget the gummy bear topping.

Meatball Shop Ice Cream Sandwich

The Meatball Shop is known for their customizable sammies. When it comes to meat, have things exactly the way you want them: 'balls made from your choice of beef, pork, chicken, vegetable, or whatever the special of the day is, topped with your choice of tomato, spicy meat sauce, mushroom gravy, Parmesan cream, or pesto. But don't forget dessert, which is just as customizable: pick two cookies, mix and match encouraged, and choose your ice cream flavor (chocolate, vanilla, espresso, mint, or brown sugar) to smush into the center for an incredible ice cream sandwich.

Sweetery NYC
(credit: Siobhan Wallace/

Food truck favorite Sweetery NYC prides itself on being a mobile bakery, but you'll want to stop by for the ice cream sandwiches. They come in a variety of delicious combinations like snickerdoodle cookies stuffed with cinnamon ice cream. To find the truck around town, check their Twitter @SweeteryNYC.

(credit: Siobhan Wallace/

Another favorite from the street food scene is CoolHaus. Imported from the West Coast, the ice cream sandwich experts burst onto the scene to bring us make-your-own dessert sammies in some ridiculous flavors. Among your cookie options can be potato chip & butterscotch, double chocolate chip, or s'more, while ice cream flavors can range from Nutella with almonds to Beer & Pretzel. To find their trucks, check their Twitter @CoolHausNY.

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