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NYC's 6 Best Frozen Yogurt Shops

Trendy dessert concoctions come and go, but FroYo is holding strong as one of the most popular desserts in the city, with new shops opening all year round. Whether you prefer do-it-yourself handles or toppings chosen for you, these New York City frozen yogurt shops are offering the best in their neighborhoods to keep you cool this spring. By Sarah Shaker.

(credit: Bloomingdale's Facebook page)

For a taste of quintessential New York frozen yogurt – way before it was a fad – visit 40 Carrots at Bloomingdale's. This department store restaurant offers both rich flavors like chocolate and a classic tart to satisfy your sweet tooth no matter your mood. Take a break from shopping for this popular sweet treat or just stop in solely for this destination dessert.

Vanilla Sky
(credit: Vanilla Sky Twitter)

Choose your own FroYo flavors and feel free to mix and match with fun toppings at Vanilla Sky. This Astoria FroYo shop doesn't only offer handles of frozen yogurt, but there's also a selection of baked goods and coffee. Take your sweets to one of the cozy couches in the back of the restaurant on a date night or to catch up with a group of friends.

Culture FroYo
(credit: Culture Facebook)

This Park Slope yogurt shop boasts seasonal artisanal toppings for their in-house cultivated frozen yogurt. Specially selected live probiotic cultures and fresh local milk create their creamy and tart froyo in rotating flavors like Tripleberry Pie, Blood Orange and Coconut Raspberry. You'll feel good knowing this homemade sweet is a healthy option for a snack or dessert.

Photo Credit: Chloe's

Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. offers a healthy alternative to soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt with their non-dairy, gluten-free and Kosher treat. "Soft Serve Fruit" is made with only three ingredients: fruit, water and a touch of organic cane sugar. It may look and taste like froyo, but this creamy cold treat is made without milk! Try one of their popular sundaes like the Crunchy Salty made with Banana and Dark Chocolate "Soft Serve Fruit" topped with sliced banana, pretzels, warm natural peanut butter and melted chocolate.

(credit: NYogurt Facebook)

With 14 flavors on rotation and over 30 toppings at this Staten Island self-serve FroYo shop, it feels like endless combinations. Go ahead and mix flavors, add toppings and syrups, then pay by weight of your creation. There's also free WiFi if you're looking to get some work done while snacking.

Yogurt City
(credit: Yogurt City Facebook)

Yogurt City is a national franchise with a Kosher certified location in Brooklyn. Even their Nonfat Maple Bacon Frozen Yogurt is OU-D Kosher Certified (along with dozens of their rotating frozen yogurt flavors). This special flavor, made with vegetarian ingredients, was inspired by Portland's famous Voodoo Doughnuts, Bacon Maple Bar.

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Sarah Shaker is the founder of the blog Bright Lights, My City.
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