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NYC's 6 Best Dog Groomers And Care Services

Wondering what to do with Rover when you work all day or have to take a last minute trip out of town? Or where you can take your pup for an oil treatment, or even a massage?  New York is a dog-loving town with lots of options. Here are a few of the city's best doggie-day care centers. By Sherry Mazzocchi
Puppies at Spot
(image courtesy of Spot)

Spot is a cage-free, 24-hour dog center that also offers top of the line grooming and training services. Their specially-trained handlers act as the "alpha" so dogs don't fight but instead just relax and socialize. They even pick up your dogs and bring them back home when you're ready.

Dog nanny Cynthia Okimoto and her special friend
(image: courtesy of New York Dog Nanny)

Reiki treatments and essential oils are just some of the services offered by New York Dog Nanny. This spa boards dogs in a Murray Hill loft and private apartments in the city where they are allowed to roam free and lie on sofas and beds--just like home.

(file photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Beasty Feast's veteran dog groomer, Mel Lucci, has over 40 years of experience. Their deep de-shedding is great for both long and short-haired dogs and has been proven effective for up to two months--creating a "shed free zone." They have also developed a gentle de-matting process that avoids unnecessarily shaving off the dog's fur.

A bichon becomes a panda bear for Halloween
(image: courtesy of Salty Paw)

Salty Paw groomers have the power (and hair dye) to transform dogs into other breeds--turning a bichon into a panda bear or a chow into a punk rocker with a Mohawk. These dogs win top prizes at Salty Paw's Howl-o-ween Bash and their annual Pooch Prom. No, we're not making that up...

(File photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Canis Minor's master groomers use specialized Hydrosurge washing systems and low-temperature dryers. Their grooming areas are contained in a temperature-controlled environment where soothing music plays so your pet feels safe and relaxed. They also carry several brands of specialty organic and holistic foods for both dogs and cats.

Coco Puff--Unleashed's pet of the week
(image courtesy of Unleashed)

This East Village dog spa offers full service grooming in addition to a do-it-yourself dog wash. Owners can bathe their pets in a stainless steel tub and dry them in their pet dryers. The service includes shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels and some professional guidance. But if you want to fully pamper your pet, go for the aromatherapy and blueberry facials. Also check out their natural and organic alternatives for ridding pets of fleas.

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