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NYC's 5 Best Over-Proof Cocktails

Some spirits  trump the typical 80 proof number - and we've found the best 5 spots in NYC that incorporate these spirits into their cocktails. So hold onto your hats, folks, because you're in for a wild ride. - By Jonathan Pogash.

The King's Sculptor

King's Sculptor
The King's Sculptor (credit: Hotel Americano)

Louis Smeby at Bar Americano at the Hotel Americano serves up "The King's Sculptor". He blends together Louis Royer "Force 53" Cognac, bosc pear, chocolate bitters, fresh ginger juice, fresh lemon juice, and King's ginger liqueur. The bar itself is snazzy and modern. Make sure to try some of the restaurant's special latin-inspired dishes.

Louis Royer Bottle Shot
credit: Louis Royer Cognac/Hanna Lee Communications

Club Cocktail #2

Bartender Damon Dyer mixes up his "Club Cocktail #2" at The Rum House in the Edison Hotel in Midtown. Combining Louis Royer "Force 53" Cognac (at 53% alcohol by volume), fresh pineapple juice, maraschino liqueur, The Bitter Truth creole bitters, and a dash of absinthe, this drink is well-balanced, while still packing a punch.

Zombie Hut's Frozen Zombie
credit: Zombie Hut

Frozen Zombie

The Zombie Hut in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, has a special high-proof cocktail they offer: their Frozen Zombie. Containing several types of rums all mixed together, this is a libation best drunk slowly and in moderation. Although the drink itself may not stick to it's original roots, this variation is wildly popular and worth a try. But be forewarned, there is fire involved in the making of this drink!

Barbes Brooklyn
credit: Barbes

Barbes Brooklyn

At the French owned and inspired bar and performance space Barbes in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the bar features the "Barbes Brooklyn" made with Rittenhouse rye whisky, a 100-proof spirit popular across NYC cocktail lounges as a rye of choice in cocktails. Dry vermouth, maraschino liqueur, orange bitters, and Averna amaro all make an appearance in this potent potable.

Saxon + Parole Cocktail List
credit: Saxon + Parole

Manhattan On Draught

At 90 proof, or 45% alcohol by volume, W.L. Weller 12 yr old bourbon is on the weaker end when it comes to high proof spirits. Naren Young and Linden Pride, of Saxon + Parole, are serving a Manhattan cocktail on draught using this lovely bourbon. Yes, you heard us, on draught. They round out the recipe with cocchi torani vermouth, and Jon's leather bitters, and serve it off the tap. A unique feature, for sure, and when you try it, you'll wonder why all Manhattan's aren't served this way.

Jonathan Pogash, aka The Cocktail Guru, is a beverage consultant, writer, and educator.
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