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NYC's 5 Best Juice Cleanses, Part II

We've already shared with you our picks for the best juice cleanses available in New York City, but recently we've learned that there is quite the selection when it comes to selecting the right system for you. New Yorkers who love juices have plenty of options available. Drink your way healthy with these five fabulous juice cleanses.

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Love GraceLove Grace Cleanse

This cleanse is significantly underrated. LoveGrace doesn't appear to have the same following as competitors like BluePrint or or Organic Ave --  but it should. Unlike many other juice regimens of its type, Love Grace offers variety throughout the entire process. Each day of your cleanse (which can last anywhere from one to six days) will feature staples like the 'Purify' green juice and 'Ginger Bomb,' but one day you may drink the Chocolate Superfood Smoothie while the next the menu may include the Probiotic Smoothie.  Even better: Love Grace just launched a brand new watermelon juice, a unique add in the crowded world of cleanses.

Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy
Urban Remedy's signature cleanse

Another cleanse that seems to fall under the radar, the juices included in the Urban Remedy system top the charts in terms of taste. The 'Young Love' smoothie includes acai, raspberries, and chia seeds -- it's super filling and incredibly delicious. Another treat is the 'Nourish' smoothie, made with cashews, vanilla, and cinnamon. There are three cleanse options to choose from: Their 'Signature Cleanse' is the most popular, while the 'Purify' system is recommended for experienced juicers and the 'Super Green' is chock-full of veggies. While some juice cleanses can be tough to complete, we breezed through Urban Remedy's delicious drinks.

BluePrintBluePrint Juices

BluePrint's Juice Cleanse is easy to incorporate into your everyday life — and will leave you feeling great. The line of juices is popular, especially the cashew milk that comes at the end of the day, but even the green juice goes down easy. We promise. The company ships the juices anywhere in the USA, but lucky for us New Yorkers, we can pick up the items up at three different BluePrint locations across the city — or at over 200 venues in NYC, including Whole Foods.

Juice Press

Juice Press Cleanse156 Prince St
New York, NY
(212) 777-0034

To say Juice Press is serious about juice would be an understatement. Just take a quick glance at their online store and you'll see they offer upwards of thirty juices, in all sorts of fun flavors -- as well as staple green juices and probiotic blends. Depending on your needs, you can order a cleanse to suit your lifestyle -- or you don't have to cleanse at all. You can simply enjoy juices as an addition to your diet. They come in tremendously delicious flavors like sweet potato pie (our personal favorite - packed with detoxifying carrots, apple, maca extract and of course, sweet potato) and pumpkin spice, a seasonal blend and a healthier alternative to that pumpkin latte you've been sipping on.

Life JuiceLife Juice

Life Juice offers a simple formula with six juices in their product line. Start the day with the "Oh My Greens" juice and end the day with the Spiced Almond Milk drink. This cleanse is a simple choice which may be a good option for first-time juicers. We were especially delighted with the "Positive Balance" juice, which features beets, apples, carrots and ginger, among other good-for-you ingredients.

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