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NYC's 5 Best Inexpensive Bowls Of Soup

The rainy cool fall weather means it's the beginning of soup season. Here are five great bowls of soup that won't set you back much cash. Check them out as the mercury drops. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Hide Chan
(credit: Siobhan Wallace/

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Ramen: It's not just for struggling college students anymore. The Big Apple has become a ramen town through and through. One of the best bowls of the cheap noodle is the Hakata Kuro Ramen at Hide-Chan. The blackness comes from roasted black garlic oil, which also makes the dish burst with flavor.

Lobster Joint
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

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There aren't too many places in town where you can pair your clam chowder with a pitcher of Dark 'n Stormy cocktails. Just over a year old, Greenpoint's Lobster Joint has been wowing local trendsters with their clam chowder, along with meaty lobster rolls, savory mussels and more. The soup is chock full of quality fresh clams and chunks of celery and potato. Of course, it comes with the requisite oyster crackers.

2nd Avenue Deli

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When the flu or cold bug hits, most of us crave some, chicken matzo ball soup, perhaps better known as "Jewish penicillin." You'd be hard-pressed to find a New Yorker who disputes that the famous 2nd Avenue Deli (now in its new Murray Hill location) serves up the best batch.

Veselka Borsht
(credit: Veselka/Facebook)

Veselka is one of the bastions left from the East Village's Eastern European community, and it still serves up one of the best bowls of borsht in the city. In fact, Veselka continues to make "top lists" across the city for their fare. And we already know they make fantastic burgers. The borscht is one of the best ways to warm your bones and get your vegetables.

(credit: Seersucker/Facebook)

Seersucker in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens believes in a seasonal menu sourced from the area's Greenmarkets. Every fall they transform butternut squashes into a thick soup that will win over any non-soup fan. Keep an eye on their menu for the fall transition.

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