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NYC's 5 Best Creperies

Crêperies are not as ubiquitous in New York as they are in Paris, but we do have a few gems. The fillings go far past the regular banana, honey, and Nutella - here you can get everything from Swedish-inspired chicken to hummus and vegetables. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Yorkville Creperie
(credit: Yorkville Creperie/Facebook)

The Upper East Side's Yorkville Crêperie has a menu full of possible crêpe combinations including S'more and Fluff-a-nutter makes it a spot not to be missed. For those looking on the savory side, they have options for you too plus paninis and small plates. They get involved with the community by holding book signings and offer a student discount during the week.

Vive le Crepe
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

With three locations around downtown Manhattan, Vive la Crêpe gives you an easy option for this ultimate meal on the go. The menu is evenly split between savory and sweet, with all basic options under $10. Do expect to be jostling with tourists for a seat if you want to take a moment to enjoy.

Bar Suzette
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

Located in the foodie paradise Chelsea Market, Bar Suzette whips up some of the most heartiest crêpes in the city, right out of a traditional stand. Try out the more unusual fillings like duck or apples and brie, and you won't be disappointed. Also look out for Bar Suzette stands at local pop-up markets, like the Union Square Holiday market.

Creperie NYC
(credit: Creperie NYC/Facebook)

Crêperie NYC serves up the most authentic crêpes in New York, they're the perfect balance between thick and thin. They tend to stick with the more traditional filling options including the simple butter and honey, with a few decadent options on the menu like Crêpes Suzette--freshly squeezed lemon juice, caramel, and Grand Marnier. They're also open until 1am, making it the perfect late-night snack option.

Crepe du Nord
(credit: Donny Tsang/

The Financial District's Crêpe du Nord utilizes the French crêpe-making tradition, but then turns it on its head by having traditional Scandinavian fillings like braised beef short rib, spiced herring, and lingonberry. They do bow down to the power of Nutella and Banana with is available as a dessert with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

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