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NYC's 18 Best Iced Coffee Drinks

The city that never sleeps runs on coffee.  With the high temperatures rolling in, many some New Yorkers prefer their caffeine chilled. They turn in steaming cups of java for frosty mochas, frozen cappuccinos and iced lattes. Here are some of the city's best places to quench your cold coffee cravings.

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Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee -- Iced Coffee

5 E 27th St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-1444

Coffee addicts, listen up. Inside the Gershwin Hotel and behind the Museum of Sex, you'll find Birch Coffee, where they sell iced brews by the jug (see photo). You can even have the goods delivered (according to their website, current pricing is $25 for your first jug and then $20 each for every order after than). But don't let delivery deter you from visiting the shop when you can. The servers here are friendly -- and the coffee is good and refreshing. Our tip? The redeye brew tastes great cold.

Coffee Sundae Eiskaffe
(image courtesy of Cafe Sabarsky)

There are many reasons to love Cafe Sabarsky--it has the old world ambiance of classic Viennese coffee houses and fabulous desserts made of hazelnuts and raspberries or strawberries and elderflower. But we love it because of its Wiener Eiskaffee--chilled coffee poured over vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder. Das ist lecker.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Maple Shay Shay Iced Coffee At Brooklyn Roasting Company
(credit: Brooklyn Roasting Company)

25 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 522-2664

The foodie blogosphere is abuzz with chatter about the 'Maple Shay Shay' at Brooklyn Roasting Company. The signature dessert drink is maple-infused iced coffee with maple syrup, espresso and whole milk.

Iced Coffee From Sweet Leaf
(credit: Sweet Leaf)

While we're fans of the Stumptown blend at this independent coffee shop in Hunters Point, we'd recommend the Rocket Fuel for the days when you're dragging. The concoction is cold brewed coffee with chicory and maple syrup - simple and sweet. What more could you want from a pick me up?

Neve Sulla Lava means Snow on Top
(image courtesy of Eataly)

Eataly is a celebration of all things Italian. They do a lot of things right, including their sweet coffee-based concoction, Neve Sulla Lava. The name which means snow on top. It's hot chocolate with cold creme espresso, topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Thank us later.

Iced Mocha from B Cup
(image courtesy B cup)

If you want a flavor-filled drink at an East Village laid back coffee shop, B Cup is right for you. Whether you curl up on the sofa with a laptop or lounge on the outdoor benches, B Cup has the best coffee concoctions for blocks around. Their frozen vanilla and white chocolate cafe mocha will make you look forward to a heat wave.

Iced Coffee
(credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Caffe Reggio is a Greenwich Village classic. Their fine coffees are made with roasted Arabica beans. A granita di caffe--or Italian coffee slush--topped with whipped cream will transport you all the way back to the Appian Way.

Strawberry mint iced tea with iced cappuccino
(image courtesy French Roast)

French Roast has the feel of a Parisian bistro, but it's only a few blocks from the No. 1 train. Best of all, they are open around the clock, so you get an iced cappuccino anytime of day or night.

Iced Cappucino from the Grey Dog
(credit: The Grey Dog)

The Grey Dog is tucked away on a quiet side street in Chelsea, but that doesn't mean it's not popular. People line up for iced hazelnut coffees and chai lattes and pair them with pressed sandwiches or their famous challah french toast. This place is always hopping. The Grey Dog also has locations on Mulberry St. and University Place.

Bubby's Iced Coffee
(credit: Bubby's)

1 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 222-0666

For the ultimate refreshment on a warm weather day, we like Bubby's take on cold caffeine. This comfort food haven makes their iced coffee with coffee ice cubes, so even when the temperature soars, your drink stays undiluted and delicious.

Iced cortado at Ground Support
(image courtesy of Ground Support)

The friendly staff at Ground Support makes the best cortado--espresso with steamed milk--this side of Havana. They're very dog-friendly, too. Pets aren't allowed inside, but their outdoor photos typically end up on Ground Support's Facebook page.

Iced Hot Chocolate
(image courtesy of Jacques Torres Chocolate)

Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean that you have to give up chocolate. The hardest part of drinking Jacques Torres' frozen hot chocolate is doing it slowly. It's so good you may not be able to stop until it's all gone. Show some self control - or at least try.

Frozen mocha with homemade chocolate sauce
(image courtesy of Linger)

Everything at Linger is homemade--and delicious--including their chais and the chocolate sauce in their frozen mochas. Customers can opt for outdoor seating next to flowers and trees, or sip their delectable drinks inside and listen to live music.

The Mud Mocha
(image courtesy of The Mud Truck)

If you ever stood in line for cups of joe at the big orange Mud Truck parked around town, you know their coffee is first-rate. But if you prefer you sit and drink, you can always visit their charming East Village cafe for their famous iced mud mocha.

Iced cappuccino at Tea Lounge
(image courtesy of Tea Lounge)

Sure, they can call it a tea lounge, but every cup of their micro-roasted coffee is artfully prepared. Even your inner barista will be impressed with the foam flowers on the iced cappuccinos.

Iced French press coffee from Indian Road
(image courtesy of Indian Road)

Not only does Indian Road have the distinction of being set right along one of the most beautiful places in Manhattan--Inwood Hill Park--it also has some of the best coffee north of 14th St. Their finely roasted coffees--brewed in a French press--provide a good, strong jolt of java.

Iced Coffee
(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Once known as the Muddy Cup, this Staten Island venue is known not only for their coffee, but their bar and live music performance space in back. Or, as one Staten Island resident told CBSNewYork, for being "the only place on the island that's not a Dunkin or Starbucks."

Mixed berry and blackcurrant teas made fresh at Tea & Sympathy
(image courtesy of Tea & Sympathy)

If you are tired of iced coffee, are you tired of life? No, just switch to Tea & Sympathy's iced tea. Made with real tea leaves (not powders) and flavored with fresh fruits, mint leaves and other good things, they serve some of the most refreshing drinks in town.

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