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NYC Water Lead Levels Back To Normal, Says DEP

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- It looks like last year's test results were a false alarm. Lead levels in the city's water are back to normal.

New Yorkers love to take pride in their water. But Farrell Sklerov with the Department of Environmental Protection says there were some troubling test results last year, a small uptick in lead levels in homes with older pipes.

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So the city started running those ads you might have seen, telling you to run your tap for 30 seconds before you drink.

But now, that's changed.

"We did a second round of sampling and it showed that the lead levels in those at-risk homes has come back down to normal ranges," said Sklerov.

Good news, yes. But the DEP says it still can't hurt to let things flow a bit.

"You can kind of feel sometimes when water, you turn it on, it gets just a little bit colder when it's been running and that's when you know you're getting water right from the city's water main which is lead free," said Sklerov.

For more information, visit the Department of Environmental Protection's website.

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