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Dozens Arrested After Fights Break Out Between Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Israeli Protesters In New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There were multiple arrests Thursday after protesters got physical with each other and police in Times Square.

An M-80 blast was part of the chaos that erupted in Midtown, injuring at least one person.

Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli brawlers squared off and were hauled off in a fury of fisticuffs.

Police tried to disperse the crowds, but protesters were throwing punches and projectiles.

One protester tore away a flag, and that triggered another tussle, with police eventually flying in to make arrests.

Blocks away in the Diamond District, there was more mayhem as a man on the ground was kicked and beaten before the mob scrambled to avoid the cops.

There were plenty of verbal blows, as some just decided to scream it out.

MORE FROM CBS NEWS: Israel And Hamas Agree To A Cease-Fire

The unrest in New York comes as a cease-fire in the Middle East was called after more than 10 days of fighting.

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed more than 230 people, and more than 4,000 Hamas rockets rained down on Israel, killing 12.

Here in New York, police said at least 26 people were arrested and charges are pending. There were no injuries to officers and no property damage.


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