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New Yorkers Beat The Heat With Sweet Treats From All Over The World

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Wednesday was another summer scorcher in the city and suburbs, so it's a good thing our region is the world capital of keeping cool with a multitude of multicultural treats to beat the heat.

With a scorching sun in a cloudless sky, in any language - it's hot!

"Esta caliente," one person said.

"Ajo eshte e nxehte," another person said.

"Aljawu har," another person said.

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New Yorkers from every corner of the globe will be looking for relief.

Such as from a street corner favorite -- icy coco helado!

"It keeps me cool in the head, and that's all about it. And it tastes good," said Din Mohammad, of Parkchester.

If you love that treat, you'll wanna try Mexican popsicles known as paletas at Paleteria Fernandez in Mamaroneck.

"We have 54 different kind of flavors," an employee told CBS2's Tony Aiello.

Including mango with chili, tamarind and gooseberry.

Arthur Avenue has lots of gelato, and how about a summer pasta from Borgatti's? They're famous for fresh noodles and new ways to serve them.

"Mango and pancetta with our basil noodles," said Chris Borgatti.

Lemon pepper and basil pasta are big seasonal sellers

"They seem to be, like, the 'go to' noodle for the summer," Borgatti said.

Abene Mansah, the manager of an African market in Yonkers, says people love soy-based vitamilk, said to cool you down and pick you up.

"They love it! Not that they like it. They love it," she said.

Another favorite summer sipper -- Malta Guinness.

It's not too sweet, but it is refreshing and despite Guinness in the name, it's non-alcoholic.

H-Mart is rapidly expanding in our region. Summer is a perfect time to check out the ice cream section. Plum wine mochi and frozen red bean cake are among the interesting icy treats.

Perfect for a snack after summer fun in the sun.

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