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Bloomberg's Approval Rating Tanks In Latest Poll

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg's popularity has taken a huge nose dive, with New Yorkers giving him his lowest marks in eight years.

But why?

CBS 2's Marcia Kramer talked to an expert who's felt both the love and the lash of the electorate, former Mayor Ed Koch.

Not since he raised property taxes in 2003 has Mayor Bloomberg been this unloved. A new Quinnipiac University poll found that only 39 percent of voters approved of the job he's doing, while 51 percent disapprove.

LINK: Full Poll Results

So Kramer asked former Koch what's going on. The former mayor said the public is simply bored and needs to see Bloomberg do something new and exciting.

Of course, Bloomberg has given voters a few things to be unhappy about. There was the bungled blizzard, the controversial pick of Cathie Black as schools chancellor, his remarks about the Irish and his decision to seek a third term. Koch, who served three terms himself, said it's understandable.

"He's now in that third term. The people who are angry about all the bike lanes or whatever they want to fasten on, the third term, envy of his success financially, there are a whole host of issues," Koch said.

Quinnipiac University pollster Maurice Carroll said he thinks it's what happens when leaders have been around a while.

"It's sort of the third term blahs coming together," Carroll said.

But there are other findings the mayor might want to think about:

* 84 percent say that when the mayor leaves the city he should say who's in charge

* 74 percent say he would not make a good president

* And 56 percent say they don't believe Bloomberg when he says he's not interested in running for president.

When Mayor Bloomberg looks at the poll results he has to ask himself whether this is just a temporary lovers' quarrel with New Yorkers or whether it's permanent.

WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb with the numbers and analysis


"Demographically, he just is down on every possible point," Carroll told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb.

Carroll said the only borough that approves of Bloomberg is Manhattan.

"Is it the snow? The third term 'blahs?' The weekends away? The presidential chatter? I don't know. Whatever the explanation, he is down," Carroll said.

In October 2008, Bloomberg had a stratospheric 75 percent approval rating, Carroll said.

In 2003, 51 percent disapproved and 37 percent approved.

Maurice Carroll tells 1010 WINS' Stan Brooks the numbers suggest Bloomberg would not do much better in Washington


Other city officials are currently experiencing their highest approval-disapproval poll numbers ever, such as 44-16 percent for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, 54-16 percent for City Comptroller John Liu, and 55-25 percent for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly gets a 67-20 percent, including 57-27 percent among black voters.

Things aren't so rosy for the new Schools Chancellor Black. She got a 17-49 percent rating, with 34 percent undecided.

New York City voters give President Barack Obama a 70-26 percent job approval.

Are these poll numbers on target? Sound off in our comments section.


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