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Queens Mom Finds Balance, Solace In NYC Marathon Training

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- For many moms, mothering can be incredibly stressful, and most have their own way of relaxing.

But for Queens Grace Wohlfahrt, unwinding means taking part in an activity most would find exhausting -- running the New York City Marathon.

"It's exhausting mentally, emotionally," Wohlfahrt told CBS2's Alex Denis, on being a mom. "You're down on yourself a lot -- you're constantly questioning yourself as a mother."

Wohlfahrt finds her solace pounding the pavement.

"That internal strength that a mother needs, you get from whatever exercise, whatever physical activity makes you happy," Wohlfahrt said. "Just so happens that running in my happiness."

Wohlfahrt completed her first race -- the 2013 NYC Marathon -- just six months after her daughter was born. She will compete for the second time in the 2015 marathon this Sunday.

Wohlfahrt's husband, Tino, will be in the stands along with her daughter and 8-month-old son Max, to offer support.

"Running gives her that strength because she does it all," Tino Wohlfarht said. "She takes care of both kids, does, the dishes, and when I come home, I even get a meal."

Wohlfahrt admits she can't accomplish her lofty goals without a strong support system, but wants women to know any fitness goal is worth striving for.

"I definitely think exercising is an excellent way for mothers to get their focus back on their kids," Wohlfarht said. "And on themselves, because we forget about ourselves a lot."

Wohlfahrt hopes to complete the race in less than five hours.

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