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NYC Food Truck's 6 Best Frozen Desserts

Warm weather in New York always means fleets of ice cream trucks hitting the streets peddling soft ice cream to kids, but now they have serious competition. Here a few unique food trucks that will be roaming around offering much more than a frostbitten ice pop. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Sweetery NYC
(credit: Siobhan Wallace/

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Sweetery NYC prides itself on being a mobile bakery, but you'll want to stop by for the ice cream sandwiches. They come in a variety of delicious combinations like snickerdoodle cookies stuffed with cinnamon ice cream. To find the truck around town, check their Twitter @SweeteryNYC.

Kelvin Natural Slush
(credit: Kelvin Natural Slush)

If slushies were more your speed as a kid, you want to seek out Kelvin Natural Slush Co. This 2010 Vendy Dessert winner makes the cool concoctions in adult flavors like Spicy Ginger and Tangy Citrus with a variety of mix-ins to specialize your drink. To find the truck, check their Twitter @KelvinSlush.

(credit: Siobhan Wallace/

Imported from the West Coast, CoolHaus burst onto the scene to bring us make-your-own ice cream sandwiches. Among your cookie options can be potato chip, double chocolate chip, or s'more, while ice cream flavors can range from coffee Oreo to Beer & Pretzel. To find their trucks, check their Twitter @CoolHausNY.

Andy's Italian Ices
(credit: Andy's Italian Ices)

Italian ices are perfect on days when you need to cool down, but you've been eating enough ice cream to warrant a new bikini. Enter Andy's Italian Ices which comes straight from Long Island. They have a regular water ice in everything from mojito to bubble gum, plus cream ices and sugar free as well. To find their truck, check their Twitter @AndysItalianIce.

JoyRide Frozen Yogurt
(credit: Joyride Truck)

For days when you want cool and creamy with maybe a bit of fruit added in, head to Joyride. They serve up tangy frozen yogurt with the typical sliced fruit like strawberries and kiwi; and sweet treat like cereal and mini chocolate chips toppings. To find their truck, check their Twitter @JoyrideTruck.

Big Gay Ice Cream

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck started a few years ago as a reformed Mr. Softee with a couple of daily specials, but now it's one of the most popular trucks in the city. Stop by to try their famous Salty Pimp: vanilla soft serve laced with dulce de leche and sprinkled with sea salt before being dipped in chocolate. If you're really nice, they might even throw on sprinkles too. To find their truck, check their Twitter @biggayicecream.

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