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NYC Councilman Williams Proposes 'House Party' Legislation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It's a proposal that could make Brooklyn a bit more mellow, a push to prevent large and unruly gatherings by forcing people to get permission to party.

Recently, a massive house party, hosting more than 200 people, took place in the borough and some residents told CBS 2's Derricke Dennis they're sick of it.

"Just too many, because after the incident you can see is like long lines of people running down the street; Yeah, just too many," one neighbor said.

Parties like that one two Sundays ago are the focus of a new proposal from City Councilman Jumaane Williams, cracking down on what he calls advertised "house clubs," where there's a cover charge, drinks are being sold, and huge crowds are in attendance.

"We think when there's 200-300 people in a backyard and this happens on a routine basis, you're really inviting trouble," Williams said.

The proposal would mean anyone hosting a party with 40 or more people invited would have to register the event with the police.

"All we said is we have to inform the precinct and inform the community aboard. You wouldn't have to ask for approval. You wouldn't have to ask for permission," Williams said.

Erron Jones' nephew threw once threw a party that ended in a night of violence. He agreed, if police knew in advance, they may have gotten there faster.

"I think it's a good idea. At least that way the precinct, or whoever is in charge, can moderate," Jones said.

In the area of the recent gigantic house party, most neighbors support the councilman's plan, but the councilman, himself, said he expects there to be some opposition, especially among those who wonder if a registration requirement could be a violation of privacy."

"It was really to start off the conversation. This is definitely not a final thing," Williams said.

So is this added protection, or an infringement of rights? The answer remains to be seen.

Councilman Williams also wants to create fines for people who advertise their party on social media and charge for admission and drinks, Dennis reported.

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