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NY Test Score Delay Has Students, Parents Stressed On Education Options

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The state test scores for students in New York public schools are delayed several weeks and it's more than an inconvenience for parents.

The test results help families navigate an already complicated and nerve-wracking admissions process for the fall, reports CBS2's Reena Roy.

New York state public school testing is a hot button issue as it is, but right now it has some very fired up.

"I think it's really bad, I don't think it's good at all," said Patricia Roman, parent of a seventh grader.

Parents finding out test scores for third- to eighth-grade students are delayed this year. The state Department of Education says it will release them mid- to late September instead of the usual mid-August.

"It's extremely anxiety provoking because high schools are not guaranteed," said parent Sarah Buff.

Particularly stressful for those with rising fifth and eighth-graders, who are just now beginning the admissions process for fall of 2019 when they'll start middle or high school.

"I think it's pretty disrespectful for families," said education expert Elissa Stein. "I feel like the children aren't being taken into consideration."

Stein says the scores are crucial as families navigate the complex system, especially competitive in the city. The results usually help parents narrow down schools ahead of time.

"Since the scores are not available, parents will sign up for tours and open houses not knowing if their child will be eligible to apply which is going to lead to frustration and confusion," said Stein.

Applications for entry next year are due at the beginning of this December.

A state official says results are late because the exam structure was changed last spring for the English language arts and math tests, meaning scoring will take longer.

"What do we do?" said Roman. "That's the question I have - what do we do?"

Stein says in the meantime parents should use their kids' past test scores as a guide and look at a variety of schools just in case.

"It's always great to prepare in advance the summer before the process starts," said Stein. "It's a wonderful time for parents to start researching looking into schools checking school websites."

The New York City Department of Education says it will also be providing school counselors for families starting this summer into the fall to help guide them with this process.

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